About Us

Well-Rounded Solutions Designed by Well-Rounded People

We nerd out over what technology can do for business.

The I.T. Company is full of people who love using technology to help businesses thrive. To do this, we listen to what you want in a technology partner, both in skills and in personality. This helps us to form trusting relationships to keep you secure. As business consultants and CDAP-approved advisors we are committed to leveraging the power of technology to support you in increasing your revenue and net profits while reducing business vulnerabilities in a digital world. This is what we’ve been passionate about since the day we opened in 2008.

Our vision is simple.

We will continually strive to be the most trusted IT advisor to continually facilitate business growth.

Our mission supports this vision.

We commit to providing an experience that consistently and predictably exceeds client expectations. This is done because of our people, proven to be reliable, driven, committed to our vision, and dedicated to our clients’ businesses and personal growth.

No matter what, we remain true to our why. We help organizations find the time they need (to increase their revenue and net profits)

Underneath our why lies our guiding values of building trust through integrity for dynamic business growth; proactively serving all people (clients and our team) through commitment, hard work, and fun; and being accountable to ensure quality value is provided and felt.