Kelly Paisley, Managing Partner Business Development

“Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes.”
- Andrew Heller

As a Managing Partner of The I.T. Company, Kelly is accountable for supporting the team in executing the company’s vision.

Kelly’s path to a career in I.T. began at an early age, when his idle hands would accidentally break his parent’s electronic devices, and he had to figure out how to fix them before his parents found out. This was a time before the internet existed, so he became a self-taught technician, and his skills landed him a job as an IT Administrator shortly after college.

Fast forward to present day where Kelly is now considered the worst helpdesk technician in the entire organization and doesn’t use home row when he types despite working with computers for over two decades. This is because Kelly’s focus has since shifted to growth strategies, managing the company’s finances, and supporting the rest of the team in executing the company’s vision.

So, DON’T ask him if for help with a computer problem, but DO ask him about how an efficiently managed I.T. strategy will decrease your organizations total employee expense as a percent of revenue.

In his personal life Kelly enjoys spending time with his son, staying active and some occasional nerding out. Kelly’s activities, which are almost always done with his son, include boxing, baseball, reading, mindfulness, comic book conventions, telling groaner Dad jokes, finding inner peace and spending time with family.

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