Andrea Mettimano, Logistics Coordinator and Service Manager

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”
- Steve Jobs

Andrea took a leap of faith jumping into the technology world with limited knowledge, five years later and she is enjoying it more than ever. She has gained lots of experience and knowledge in the industry through The I.T. Company. She utilizes her new found skills and knowledge in combination with her not so techy skills to liaise between the clients and the technicians. She brings her exceptional personality and people skills to the table to ensure clients are satisfied with their service and technology that has been implemented, maintained or troubleshooted by the technicians.

In her spare time, Andrea likes to bake and decorate cakes, enjoys everything (and anything) sweet, working out, plays with her too smart of a puppy dog that comes into the office with her each day, and Andrea drinks too much coffee for her own good.

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