Freddy, Professional Napper /Butt Sniffer

“Ruh Roh” Scooby Doo

Hello! My name is Freddy and I may not be the most agile of dogs but I’m definitely one of the furriest and drooliest. I’m a purebred Chow Chow which means I’ve got a very special blue and purple tongue I like to stick out at anyone and everyone. Don’t worry though! I’m not mocking you, my mouth is just too small for my tongue.


Oh.. sorry about that, lost myself there. Anyways, I have a very important job which includes security and butt sniffing inspections here at the office. When I’m not hard at work or looking for something to eat I sleep strategically where my co-workers have to step over me.
Outside of work I like to go on long walks and am always on a hunt for the best spots to poop. If it isn’t at least 4 star location I’d rather hold it in. Then I spend the rest of the day with my Mom and Dad and my 3 cat older brothers. P.S. I love my Mom more than my Dad.

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