Russell Motha, Lead Generation

“Be Kind.”

Russell is an adventurous soul who embarked on a journey from the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka to the chilly embrace of Calgary in late 2022. Armed with a passion for all things tech, he set out to conquer the realm of Information Technology (IT) and found his calling at The I.T. company.

Russell’s daily grind involves charming an army of new faces with the IT company’s sales, marketing, and engagement strategies, all in the pursuit of solving business problems with technology. It’s like speed dating, except he’s looking for a long-term relationship between businesses and tech. But it doesn’t stop there Russell’s zest for life spills over into his spare time, where he wears the cape of a content creator. He shares his insights and experience, weaving together his new experiences in Canada in his own unique way.

Russell’s true motivation lies in building a community that thrives on solving problems with the power of social media and technology. His infectious enthusiasm for bringing people together, coupled with his experience in IT, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

The IT Company