Everyone knows it can be difficult to maintain concentration while at work… especially around 2:00pm when our energy levels decrease and we can’t take our eyes off the clock. There is no magic solution (well, there is coffee!) but, there are many things you and your staff can do to maintain motivation no matter the time on the clock or the day of the week!

Schedule Similar Tasks Together
Instead of chipping away at emails and phone calls sporadically throughout the work day, studies suggest that the brain performs better when related tasks are “lumped” together. If you have 5 phone calls to do or your inbox is flooded with unanswered messages, schedule everything back to back and focus solely on the task at hand.

No matter what industry you work in, perfecting the ability to prioritize tasks is essential. Organizing your week based on urgency, deadlines and weight of projects will make you much more efficient and successful within the workplace. Once you prioritize your week, the next step would be to schedule the tasks so they don’t go forgotten.

Take Breaks
When the workload gets heavy, we often want to plow through the day without taking time to recharge. The longer our minds go without a refresher, the more focus it will lose which will reduce the quality of your work. Breaks are imperative when looking maintain and increase energy levels! Whether you go for a walk, socialize for a few minutes, or read a book, keep in mind that you are no use if you are mentally exhausted!

When employees are productive and have lower levels of stress, companies will create more opportunities to generate revenue while reducing their turnover rate. Have you or your staff made efforts to abolish the dreaded 2:00pm crash? We’d love to hear what you tried!