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Live financially compliant and prosper! 

Finance, investment, and accounting firms are already having to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements for financial reporting and compliance. Knowing what technology and data management will support these changes is exactly what we help you do to ensure that your technology investment works for you. This means it will keep your operations efficient, productivity up, and compliance met for governance standards, such as PCI DSS, SOC2, and ISO. Through a holistic examination of your security needs and mandatory compliance, our trained experts will help you understand how you can meet compliance, standards, and efficiency through the right technology solution for your firm.

Industry software:

  • Broadridge
  • Dataphile
  • Accountant file systems (ProFile, CanTax, Sage Accounting)


Did you hear the one about the lawyer?

Maintaining cyber security measures to protect against breaches; managing and securing sensitive and privileged client data; and continually meeting compliance requirements for data privacy regulations, this was surely not included in your career description of being a lawyer. As today’s digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, it presents new challenges for law firms. These challenges are where we specialize. From keeping up with emerging technologies to maintaining a proper balance between standard expenses, organizational tools, and support staff, you can focus on the law you practice. We’ll be the ones to keep up with emerging technologies, integrate technologies and systems across departments and locations, and collaboratively design a security solution to protect against breaches and other cyber attacks, to keep your firm compliant while ensuring client privacy.

Industry software:

  • PCLaw 
  • Cosmolex
  • Print Audit/PaperCut: Thomson Reuters 
  • BigHand Dictation
  • SaaS Solutions (SPIN, LawyerDoneDeal)

Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

You must design; so, design wisely.

Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) has unique needs due to the large amount of data that needs to be stored, accessed, analyzed, and integrated into engineering designs, processes, and software. When collaborating with us, AEC sector companies are able to effortlessly integrate their unique CAD and document management processes and requirements into complex engineering software systems, ensuring ease in operations across departments and office locations. Further, as firms are being increasingly targeted by cyberattacks due to the sensitive nature of their intellectual property and trade secrets, designing a cyber security solution that keeps up with emerging trends and technologies is crucial. This is what we love to do – protect and organize your data, educate your people on how to avoid breaches, and strengthen your security through stellar integration of ever-evolving technologies.

Industry software:

  • Accumap
  • Egnyte
  • BlueBeam Revu/Cloud
  • BIM
  • ProCore (and related integrations)
  • Civil 3D

Transportation & Logistics

This is the way. The way of technology. 

Coordination, transparency, and accountability to manage, store, and access vast amounts of data while communicating this to multiple stakeholders is nothing new in the world of land acquisition. Leveraging technology to its full potential, while minimizing cyber security risks, is, however, something that continues to evolve, creating a challenge for companies to optimize their projects. It’s important that companies address technology challenges, integrate legacy systems with new technologies, and proactively protect critical infrastructure that secures personnel and assets through advanced tracking and monitoring systems. This is where innovative and forward-thinking technology strategies will protect the best interests of all parties involved when it comes to land acquisition, property values, land use regulations, and building collaborative solutions for your company’s ongoing success. Whether it’s designing a new strategy, investing in technology and/or training your staff, or providing insight into which technologies will pave the way as technology challenges and solutions continue to evolve, we are here to help provide the way forward.

Industry software:

  • Accumap
  • Egnyte
  • Harvest
  • Pandell
Louise Duchesne, Managing Partner, Lightyear Capital

Hear it from our clients…

"We partnered with The IT Company in 2019 who were instrumental in providing us advice and seamless execution in the migration of our IT systems to the Cloud. Since then, The IT Company has been a valued strategic technology advisor and continues to support us through various initiatives in a proactive manner. The team always takes the time to understand the business, its workflows and the requirements of our regulated industry. The knowledge, expertise and timely service that The IT Company provides give us confidence and comfort that we are well supported, allowing us to focus our time and energy on our business."

- Louise Duchesne, Managing Partner, Lightyear Capital